Why is a down-payment necessary for the initial consult?

Since the scheduling is self-serve, it's very easy to book an appointment.  Anyone with a smart-phone or a computer can just start removing hours from our calendars.  The down-payment system acts as a scare-crow to keep fake people or internet-bots from stealing slots from our actual clients.  Once we've officially met, you never have to pre-pay again.  The down-payment is not an extra payment, it's simply a pre-payment towards whichever service you're interested in.  And if you're going the Clinical route and your insurance out-of-pocket is less than the pre-pay then you'd be reimbursed for the difference.

Do I have to book one appointment at a time or can I set up a routine?

You can definitely set up a routine.  And the more into the future you look, the more openings there are.  So feel free to reserve your preferred spots for weeks/months in advance.  The System allows you to stay two months ahead.  The people who find a slot they love will usually keep it locked down by adding a new one 8 weeks away when they're in the lobby for their current one.

How do the 'accounts' work?

You technically don't have to create an account but it's much better if you do.  An account lets you access the appointments that you've already made.  If you book an appointment without putting it into an account, the appointment will still be valid and you'll still get the reminder email and confirmation email, but you won't be able to log in later and see the appointment details, reschedule, cancel, etc.  If you know you've made an appointment but then you can't see it later when you log in, it's because you weren't logged in when you booked it and so it wasn't added into your account.  Just let us know if you can't view your appointments and we'll sync it to your account.  (To avoid this, just make sure you're logged in when you book things.)

How do I make an account?

There's a button to create your account after you book the appointment.  If you missed that button, just send an email and we'll send you the link where you can create your account/password. 

Will you show me how to bookmark the scheduling system to my phone so that I can pull up my appointments easily?

For sure.  

Do you keep a cancellation / waiting list? 

Definitely.  You can either use the form that's linked from the Scheduling System or just email.  And we can waive the cancellation fee for the person who canceled so you're not only helping yourself by getting on the cancellation list but you're also helping whoever canceled. 

My work schedule changed, is there a way to wipe out all appointments and start from scratch?

It's super easy on the back-end.  Just let us know and we'll remove everything that's currently scheduled and you can start over.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes.  It's a 48 hour policy.  Click here for the details.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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