​Gestalt Development Center 



​​​How can the non-traditional services help me?

Weight lifting and energy-based services have mental health benefits because of the mind-body connection.  We teach technique and form. Strength training (the 'Fight or Flight' service) is about being able to move more weight than you used to.  We're not trying to win national championships.  We're not flexing on stage (that's 'body building'  which is a different sport).  We're just learning how to move our body better so that it can functionally do things better.  If you're fit enough to drive here, you're fit enough for our Fight or Flight service.  We start with zero weight and we teach you the perfect way to move weight; center of gravity, leverage points, etc.  Then we add a little bit.  And if you can sprinkle in these outputs, you might be surprised.  Most people have never felt their entire body's energy united and moving through the floor.  It's very literally grounding.  And we balance the work-output of strength training with the cooling aspect of meditation.  The Consciousness program teaches a person about their consciousness and then how their consciousness translates to behaviors.  There is a Gestalt book published in 1951 that is happy to give you a step-by-step guide of what to do with your awareness in order to feel more alive and well. The Consciousness service here is a stand-alone group (no reading required), or assistance with the book, or an online forum, or a combination of those.   

How do the Virtual Sessions work? 

Virtual session availability has been added per the coronavirus.  In-person sessions are also fully operational.  We can use Zoom or Skype  as our platform.  (HIPAA forms may be applicable depending on the current Covid regulations.)  If you are a first-time client and you'd like virtual, you can schedule a Meet and Greet and then send us an extra message about whether you'd like a Zoom room or a Skype call and then we'll set it up.

​​​​​What will my insurance cover?

Insurance can be used to cover the cost of traditional therapy meetings.  That said, insurance plans vary.  The out-of-pocket cost can range anywhere from $0 - $120.  If you'd like us to check on your plan, we'll just need your ID Number and your birthday and we'll be able to let you know what they would want out-of-pocket.  We don't mind checking for you even if you think you'll go to a different therapist.  Insurance is confusing and we're happy to help you figure it out. 

Can I just stay 'off the grid' and not use insurance?​
Absolutely.  You can cover the cost of therapy yourself and there would be no record of services anywhere.  You can purchase services hourly and pay as you go.  Or you can purchase a 'package' which provides a slightly discounted rate.

Can I use insurance for the non-traditional services?

Yes and no.  You may be eligible to use your FSA or HSA card but each plan varies.  Please let us know if you need any help navigating the world of insurance. 

What insurances do you take? 

Capital Blue, Highmark, All Blue Cross / Blue Shields, Optum, UPMC, Geisinger, and Aetna.  Supporting clinicians, interns, and supervisees cannot utilize insurance.  Our licensed therapists can.

If you're not in my network, can I still come? 

Yes, you'd use your "Out of Network" benefits here.  Usually that means it's a high deductible which you likely wouldn't meet for the year if you were just doing mental health services.  But if you're doing other treatments outside of your network, or if you have an amazing plan, then you could possibly get a decent sized reimbursement check from your insurance carrier from using your Out of Network benefits here.  Unfortunately, we can't tell you the exact details of your plan if it's Out of Network because we don't have access to anything outside of our own networks.  You'd have to call your insurance carrier directly to get that info.   


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes.  It's a 48 hour policy.  Click here for the details.

How does the scheduling work?

Click here for some F.A.Q.'s about scheduling.