Traditional Psychotherapy

Gestalt is a study of how systems assimilate and differentiate.  For our purposes - as an individual system of a human being - we work with consciousness as the organizing force that does the assimilating and differentiating.  This service is a training in gestalt - which is a training in your consciousness.  There is a group portion (it's not 'group therapy'), there's a book portion, and there's an online forum portion. The link will guide you to the group portion but if you're interested in the book or the online forum please let us know.

Book: Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality, 1951, Perls, Hefferline, and Goodman

Individualized Gestalt Training

This is a one-on-one version of the Energy and Consciousness services.  If you're a long-time client, this service was called "Directive Therapy" and "Guided Therapy" before we took it down for Covid.  It's back up, with a new and improved name. 

If you're unsure of how you'd like to be helped, you can schedule a Meet and Greet and we will begin creating a therapeutic plan that can move you towards your goals.  You don't need to do anything to prep.  You can bring your insurance if you'd like to use it.  If you're unsure about insurance then give us a call or email us and we'll help you figure out what your plan allows and whether there's a copay.  We can do this before or after the meeting.

We use a barbell (weight lifting, strength training) in order to put ourselves into Fight or Flight (a nervous-system stress-response) on purpose.  We do this so that we don't have stress-responses on accident.

Calendar is being created/synced

Depending on what your system needs, this might look like a yoga class, or a meditation class, or a reiki class, or a qigong class.  You don't need to know what those terms mean.  You just need to dress comfortably and expect to feel good.

Structured Consciousness


We ask for a pre-payment if we've never met.  While booking, you'll have the option to "Save Card to File."   If you save a card, then you can use the 'Automatic Copay' scheduling links below for future visits.  Or, if you'd rather not keep a card on file, you're more than welcome to use the 'Pay Manually' links every time.  If you have any questions, please contact us or see the F.A.Q. page.   

This is a full day of three group services back-to-back-to-back.  If you book for the day, food and drink are provided and you get $20 off.  


Meet and Greet

Input / Output Day

Fight or Flight

The three group services (Fight or Flight, Consciousness, and Energy) can also be booked by themselves if you don't want to attend the whole day.   

Gestalt Development Center 


Therapy here is individualized and organic; different for each person, each couple, or each family.  People are supported to move at their own pace, defining and updating goals as they go.  Some people come weekly.  Some people check-in every couple of years to fine-tune their compass.  There is no wrong way to utilize this service. It supports exactly who you are and exactly who you want to be.