​Gestalt Development Center 


The cancellation policy is very strict here.  It's a 48 hour policy.  It runs both ways. We pay our clients the exact same fees if we cancel on them within 48 hours.

First Cancellation: $60  

Additional Cancellations: $120 

A "No Show" counts as a cancellation.

Being more than ten minutes late counts as a cancellation (except for groups). 


You may occasionally get a "Fee-less Cancellation" email.  For example, if we get a bad snow storm and we're torn about whether to close the office or not, we'll send a "Fee-less Cancellation" email so that you can bail on the appointment without worrying about fees.  Fee-less Cancellations have been sent on days when the weather is really good, like the first beautiful day of Spring when everyone wants to get outside.  If you do receive one of those, please know it's completely ok either way.  If you'd still like to come, great.  If you'd rather not come, great.  It's a win-win.

​One other very important note, please know there are ZERO negative feelings attached to this policy.  In fact, most therapists feel very warmly appreciated when a client says, "hey, I can't make it today, charge my card. See ya next time."  And, as such, there's a 20% discount to the policy if you say 'charge my card' at the same time of notifying us about the cancellation.

Cancellation Policy